Question to fitness lovers :)


Hello everybody,

Firstly, I want to apologize that I’m writing my post in English, my dutch is not there yet. I want to stipulate at the beginning that it is not a sales post or an ad. :slight_smile: I am just trying to get some answers from people that love fitness, gym and healthy lifestyle. I want to expose my fitness related business idea. I would really appreciate your feedback and if it ever works out I will come back and reward you for that.

What is the problem? I think that subscription plan in the gym is quite an oldschool idea and people should pay when they actually want to train and at the same time shouldn’t be attached to one place due to contractual commitments. Probably many of you lost motivation after several months, pay for the gym during holidays or when you’re sick, it is quite a waste if we look at it from the yearly perspective. Personally I sometimes do not decide on a fancy gym mainly due to long term commitment but would not see a problem to pay a bit more for one time entries.

What’s my idea? To create a platform where you can buy one time access to various places (fitness, boxing, swimming pool, gym, cross fit) in the city and always choose the activity you feel like doing on a certain day. On top of that, there would be no subscription plans, just pay as you go. The offered one time entry ticket prices would be negotiated in such way that for a regular user it would never cost more than a regular subscription (for instance assuming that you do sports 3 times a week). What do you get from it? You can go wherever you want, whenever you want (for instance Monday boxing, Wednesday Gym, Friday HIT, Saturday swimming) and you are not constrained by the contract anymore.

What is your opinion on that Guys? Would you find it useful? What kind of users could take benefit from it the most in your opinion?

Thanks in advance for your support and as mentioned earlier, if it ever works out I will definitely come back to you!




Hello Greg,

I think this allready exists in the larger city’s (Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam) in the Netherlands. OneFit is the name, check it out on the internet.
I haven’t tried it, but it looks similar to your idea.


Yes, they had quite some investments last year. I’m curious if they will make it. Difficult but interesting business case.


I am training by OneFit. Great organisation and great places to sport. I heard from a gym (crossfit-like) they get a fair share in the lessons I take with them.


Thanks a lot gents.

I know about OneFit. The main difference would be that here you don’t need any subscription, just pay as you go. I travel a lot and sometimes just have to train at the hotel gym cause I’m not going to become a member for a week or so… My girlfriend has another problem, she pays for a subscription and does not go to the gym after some time, she is just forced to do so by the contract she had signed…

In my concept you would pay as you go, just find your favourite activity close by, buy a ticket and enjoy. Apparently 67 % of all the memberships go unused, 80% of the people that sign up in January will finish gym adventure in may. It’s crazy in my opinion… :slight_smile:

I would be grateful if you could share more feedback.



But the gyms make money of the 70% of the people that do not show up. They sponsor the rest of us :). Why would they want to join a pay as you go system?

The concept is cool, i would love to train in another gym sometimes, meet some people, or join others in theirs. The same on holiday.


I think the idea is a good one. I also do believe that pricing is a large factor for many people. I have a little boy at home who is just turned 2 and my man works in shifts so I do not have many options to go sporting, paying for example € 100,- a month and being able to go maybe 6 times is such a waste of money. If I could pay each time I go and choose different activities you are more flexible as perhaps the activity I know want to do costs me too much money or as you mention a contract for a longer term. Maybe even the subscription should be more than for just one city? a lot to gain I think.